About BitPOOL

Reinventing What it means to Work together for the Success of All

A Community of Friends working together to build value and a great quality of life for all.


Since day one, BitPool has set about to challenge what is typical. We are always looking for new ways to offer our members exceptional value and an experience worthy of joy, enthusiasm and pride. We're confident our approach can help people take command of their dreams.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to create significant Wealth for our members by incorporating platforms with automated migration of members to these higher platforms, and then with down line members following automatically.

Our Vision

To become the premier international donation and rewards-based membership driven company. To inspire all our membership to grow everyday, unleashing the full potential that lays within them. To transform ideas for the greater good into action that makes them a reality.

Our Values

Every great organization is founded in core principles that drive it from within to accomplish their mission. BitPool certainly is founded on strong underpinnings. Integrity. Loyalty. Accountability. Toughness. Comradery. Persistence. Clarity of Expression. Empathy, Care for Humanity and a genuine desire to Help. From there our slogan of People Helping People.

Champions of Folks with Big Dreams


At BitPool we believe in the power of Dreams. Dreams gave us electricity. Dreams gave us cars. Dreams gave us airplanes. Dreams gave us digital cameras, the internet and iPhone and Blockchain technology.

Dreams can alter lives and change communities and impact the entire world. Dreams can bring hope, and spark change and give a thirsty infant water. Dreams are powerful. That's why here at BitPool, we champion them. Dreams are our fuel.

The BitPool Way


BitPool was built around a simple idea: help people to help other people create wealth, working together in a simple executable system that could be implemented everywhere - regardless of geography, regardless of income levels.

A system that truly put members first, but went a bit further. We empower members to empower other members. Any approach that is to move vibrantly into the future must have the ability to perpetuate itself. BitPool does that.

BitPool Founder, Owner & Chairman

Stefan Pienaar is the Founder and Chairman and Chief Architect of BitPool and serves on its management team. He is a successful Humanitarian who has developed international projects that have already touched and changes the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Having studied relationship psychology as well as being a Commercial Pilot, animal trainer, speleologist and motivational speaker, Stefan continues to spearhead entrepreneurial projects and continues to inspire and be a core participant in future initiatives aimed at helping individuals around the world to thrive personally and in their communities. Stefan also never wavered in his passion for human self-improvement and a genuine love for people and was blessed with the idea that became the integrated company today known as BitPool.

Limitless Possibilities Await. There's Lot's of Good to do!