About BitPOOL Support Centers

Reinventing What it means to Work together for the Success of All


Nobody can join the program if not entering through a BitPOOL Support Centre. These centres will be managed in an organized manner. BSC managers will be trained regarding Bitcoins and the setting up of BTC wallets for each member and also how to do their registrations into the $7 BitPOOL platform. BSC Managers will be remunerated through the sharing of commissions with those they help.

The Concept

People seeking to be taken into the program will approach a BSC. Then .

  • 1. An agreement will be completed between the new member and the BSC Manager

  • 2. $7 given by the new member to the BSC Manager.

  • 3.The member gets registered into the BitPOOL $7 plan.

  • 4. A btc wallet is created for the member and the BTC address used in their registration.

  • 5. The member is then responsible to refer a minimum of 3 members to join into his / her team.

  • 6. The same procedure is followed with them as with previous member.

  • 7. The moment the member has 12 people in his / her team, then the commissions earned will be sufficient to
    • a. buy for him / her a position in the BitPOOL $25 Plan
    • b. Remunerate the BSC
    • c. Remunerate the International Coordinator's Office
    • d. Remunerate the administrators for the use of the system

  • 8. The member who now qualified for a $25 position will have his / her team members follow them to the BitPOOL $25 Plan.

  • 9. Members who are helped by the BSC will have nothing to do other than bring $7 plus a minimum of 3 members with their $7.

  • 10. The BSC will do the rest.

  • 11. Commissions coming to the members from the $25 plan will be placed in the members wallet inside the wallet of the BSC.

  • 12. According to the agreement between BSC and member, the member will agree to 10% of the commissions to be donated to the BSC and the office of the International co-ordinator and for doing all the administration.

10 Reasons for joining BitPOOL through the BSC.

  • 1.From the BitPOOL 7 plan you are taken into BitPOOL 25. From there the system will automatically migrate you into BitTRAVEL as well as into the Silver and Gold Platforms.

  • 2. You don't have to sell anything

  • 3. You can have more than one account PROVIDED that you bring 3 new members to fall under each of your accounts.

  • 4. The centre will pay to your rewards which can be used for groceries.

  • 5. You will now have money for school fees for the children

  • 6. You can move up in life top eventually have a better house

  • 7. Money can be invested so that it can grow

  • 8. You can travel

  • 9. You can help others with extra money you have

  • 10. You can pay for skills training

The Skills Training program will include the following:

  • 1. Using the internet

  • 2. Basic Financial Management

  • 3. How to set up a home-based business

  • 4. Basic skills according to needs and interest, such a brick laying, paving, landscaping, laundry, sewing and embroidery, welding etc.