BitPool 25

BitPOOL isoperated by a group of international humanitarian workers from the Ukraine, India, South Africa, Nigeria, Germany, Cameroon, Costa Rica and Trinidad. Between the group there is more than one hundred years of networking experience. The BitPOOL head office is run out of 3 countries with the main office being in the Ukraine.


The BitPOOL program consists of 2 sides.

1. The BitPOOL 7 program through which people who can afford the $7 entry. Amongst these people are those who have no computers ormobile phones. They will be managed by the personnel from the Support Centres as to the use of the systems through which money, with the help of other members, will be generated for them in order for them to earn enough money and then be taken into BitPOOL 25.

2. The BitPOOL 25 program is a fully automated system. Members will be brought from the BitPOOL 7 side and will manually be placed into BitPOOL 25. After that the down lines will follow, also being placed manually into BitPOOL 25. Members will migrate automatically to the higher platforms, Silver and Gold. Members will also be given a position in the BitTRAVEL platform with down line members following them there. No cash will be paid out in the Travel platform as all will be converted to Travel Credits for free travels including flights, accommodation, cruises and car rentals.

It has never been seen before that so much commissions can be earned from a once off donation of $25 from pocket. Moving to other platforms members will be moved automatically and the new donations for the new positions taken automatically from the member’s income. So, members will sail seamlessly into higher income earning platforms with members following them automatically. Commission pay-outs are on every Friday.

We wish all who join the BitPOOL family to have an enjoyable experience and once and for all be in a partially network marketing business that guarantees success should the simple and easy to follow guidelines be adhered to.

BitPOOL 25

BitPOOL 25 itself will have 3 platforms, BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD.

All members can come into BitPool 25 Bronze platform in one of 2 ways:

  • a. Register directly into BitPool 25 and pay $25 once off.
  • b. Be placed into BitPool 25 by a BitPool 7 Support Centre Manager.

The Bronze Platform

This is the entry level platform. All members will register into this platform. The cost is a once-off $25. It is then expected from members to refer a minimum of 3 other members using their Member ID given at registration. If a member has more than 3, then they will place those members under the codes of members in the down line who do not yet have their 3 linked to them.

As the team grows, there will be commissions earned.

Below a summary of the potential LEVEL commissions that can be earned, as well as form the Pay It Up Commissions to be received from the down lines….