BitPOOL Philosophy

BitPOOL. Give & it Will Come Back to You.

Believe. Set Goals. Make a Plan.
Work Hard. Succeed. Be Thankful.
Stay Humble.

Giving is Living

We believe that giving really isn't a one-way street. The BitPOOL philosophy is rooted in the idea that if we treat each other the way we want to be treated, there would be a lot more giving. Giving is at the heart of what it means to be truly human - being good. We believe in partnering with our members to create communal wealth in an ongoing system that never stops growing and benefiting all.

Long Term Thinking

At BitPOOL we believe in projecting for the long term so that each of our departments and our membership have time to develop, grow and deliver greater results as we move into the future. It allows all of our teams, staff and partners to become stronger, and ultimately to become dominant providers of second-to-none- services that benefit everyone we touch.

Family Centered

We believe that whatever strengthens families and causes them to thrive will be good for our membership. Creating Wealth, enabling our members to enjoy un-restricted best-in-class travel and helping merchants to increase business while developing additional income streams for our members are the cornerstones of what we deliver; in an atmosphere of collaboration, support for each other and mutual respect.