Brand Strategy

Strong Independent Platforms. Diversified Synergy. Universal Results.

Multiple Departments. Multiple Brands.

BitWORLD provides you with the ability to diversify your experience, taking advantage of Free Travel, Creating Bitcoin Wealth and helping merchants grow and thrive..

BitPool serves as your Absolute Gateway into BitWorld; a World of Great Possibilities. Via BitPool, you will enter into our First of Many Platforms, and from there Members will be led into our other Companies – BitTravel, Bit4All, BitFin, BitSport and so much more.


Another amazing platform in BitWorld. When you and/or your Team Members shop at Merchants registered with Bit4All; everyone benefits – an absolutely win-win-win-win situation. Everyone gains – the Merchant, the Shopper, the Referrer, and BitWorld. It is in each of our benefit to tell our Merchants about BitWorld; it can only augur well for their business. Soon enough everyone will be looking for the Store Sign that reads “BitWorld App Accepted Here.” Bit4All – this is where “It Pays to Shop”


Would it not be absolutely superb to awaken to the soothing sound of the ocean, as the waves gently break on the shores… to hear the sweet sound of the birds as they whisper softly through the trees… so feel the warm rays of the sunlight as you walk on the balcony looking towards the beautiful lush mountains…


Roots - BitPOOL


A People-Helping-People Donation Platform that earns you thousands of Dollars.


Trunk - Bit4ALL

Earn Bitcoins as other People Shop

The World's First Bitcoin Rewards Program, Bit4ALL equips you to help merchants all over the orld begin to accept payments for products and services in bitcoin. Once set up, as customers shop, you earn.


Branches - BitTRAVEL

FREE TRAVEL Anywhere in the World

A total travel package that delivers free travel including, Business Class air travel, 5 Star Hotels & Vacation properties, Luxury Car rentals, Cruises



The Secret Ingredient

The power of Unity to harness any goal and make it a reality/

BitWORLD Team Building


BitWORLD Marketing


BitWORLD Recognition


BitWORLD Travel


Limitless Possibilities Await. There's Lot's of Good to do!