Intro to Bitcoin

Money & Finance has Changed Forever

Bitcoin is the first digital currency.

With the introduction of Bitcoin, money, banking and the transfer of value has been decentralized globally. Compared to other alternatives, Bitcoins have significant advantages, which is why it is growing in use and popularity.

Bitcoin is changing the way we do finance, in the same way the internet changed the way we share information and publishing.
Easy to Use

Bitcoins can be transferred from person to person directly via the internet, without going through a bank or clearinghouse.


Bitcoin verifies transactions using state-of-the-art encryption used by major banks, the military and government.


Fees are significantly lower than typical banking transactions.

Open to All

Bitcoin is fully decentralized and can be used in every country.


Your account cannot be frozen by any insititution.


There are no prerequuisites or arbitraty limits to transactions.

Limitless Possibilities Await. There's Lot's of Good to do!