Thoughtful Stewardship

The Next Generation of True Leaders

Our Mission to Change lives all over the World.

All over BitWORLD there are shining examples of people who continue to give their lives for others. THAT, is BitWORLD. A group of fired up individuals, banding together into a formidable force for good, who are passionate about inspiring not individual success alone, but the kind of success that spills over and touches the lives of multitudes of others less fortunate.

BitWORLD is the story of the selfless. It is the story of a mother in the Caribbean who is alone with 3 children that she lives every day to nurture but can't afford it. A Young adult whose home is the streets of Abuja. A voluteer who just want to help someone somewhere in the world. A multimillionaire with a big heart. A village in India where poverty rules. BitWORLD is where all the lives are brought together in a beautiful symphony of CHANGE.

At BitWORLD, why do we do what we do? We do it to create a means for sustained, impactful, life-change help. Giving hope to others is why BitWORLD exists. With our oxygen masks on, we can now focus on helping another passenger on life's plane to get theirs on. BitWORLD - to change the world one person at a time.